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Travis Millard "Occumm Pucky, Vol. 1" Limited Edition 7"


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Occumm Pucky is a collection of songs from the archive recorded in basements and bedrooms around Lawrence Kansas, 1997-1998.

All songs on Occumm Pucky were written, performed, and recorded by Travis Millard, with the exception of a few friends playing drums and other listed contributions.

The recordings were made on a "Yamaha MT4X" 4-track machine and various other analog tape recorders.

"Occumm Pucky" is a term I'm pretty sure my grandfather invented to encompass all things on the outskirts of importance.

Thanks to Lost Broadcast Records for reaching out to unearth these relics and give them some light.

- Travis Millard

Record Info:

• Extremely limited release of 300 7" records on white vinyl
• Each record features a sticker and 16 page booklet/zine of full artwork hand drawn by Travis
• Each booklet is hand numbered by Travis
• 20 randomly selected "golden ticket" records will also include a hand drawn post card from Travis
• Side A tracks: 1 Windshield, 2 Little Home, 3 14K
• Side B tracks: 4 Crush, 5 All Your Friends